Back when I thought building websites was cool, but had no idea what I was doing. I grabbed a domain and a template from a website and threw something together called I was working at CableOne handling customers on the phone. One day they updated their email server which created a ton of work for us in the call center. It was an overload of calls that we handled for weeks on end. It was pretty terrible.

After failed attempts to get my leadership to understand that a video and a help center article could handle a ton of this burden. I decided to just make a youtube video to show our customers how to handle the issue. I posted it to the company's facebook page. Soon enough I found that the they had posted it to their help center and I was getting a lot of views on the video. I am still disappointed that I made as much traction as I did when I spoke up on their social media, but that my managers didn't care to hear my suggestions.

I ended up quitting during shortly after I made that video as I was getting so much client work building and fixing computers outside of my day job that I was making more $$ outside of work than inside it.

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